Party Committee


First, we have Bente, our President. She makes sure everything that needs to be done is done and tries to convince others to respect deadlines. Next, we have Eef, our Vice-President. As an older Paco-member and board member, she knows a lot about assisting Bente. Our Treasurer is Ezgi, she only joined Paco this year but is really good at making sure we don’t spend too much. Naz is our Secretary, she also joined this year. She makes sure that everything that we talk about is written down so we don’t forget it! Next, we have our Head of Promotion, Sophie. She makes the posters and other promotion for our events so people know where the party’s at! Lara is also new in Paco this year and has many new ideas about how to organize parties. Last, but not least, there’s Nastasia. She also was in Paco last year and is in the board of Luna-tik, so she knows a lot of helpful information and has many great ideas.

Together we are the Party Committee of 2018-2019! You can recognize us by our beautiful pink t-shirts and the fact that we look like a failed boyband.