General Information

We are the study association of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. We are here for all the bachelor and master psychology students in Maastricht. Our aim is to bring psychology students together by organizing a range of activities; including workshops, lectures, parties, city-trips and excursions. We achieve this with the help of our active members, who work together in committees throughout the year.
Luna-tik is open to all psychology students- you can become a member at any time to benefit from everything we offer, for instance discounts on all our events and the study books. Becoming a member means that everything is optional and nothing is mandatory. You can choose whether or not you would like to be active in one of the committees. If you choose to do this there are many advantages, such as gaining experience in organizing, team work and management, a new group of friends to bond with and attending the free Active Members Day.

Luna-tik consists of committees which are supervised by the board. The board is made up of the following functions: president, vice president, secretary, head of finance, head of internal relations, head of external relations. Each committee has a similar division of roles but can also include general members without a specific role. The board is supported by an advisory council, composed of old board members.
A list and description of committees can be found under the “Committees” tab.
The board of Luna-tik is in function for one academic year. Around May a candidate board is formed which takes over in September.

Our main events: what does our year look like?
At the beginning of the academic year we organize activities in the introduction week of the university, where you can meet and bond with your fellow students. The Introduction Camp Committee plans a weekend trip to give first year students a chance to meet each other. Furthermore, in the first two weeks of each period it is possible to buy books for the upcoming courses at our desk.
Throughout the year, the Activity Committee, Psychological Activities Committee and Party Committee take care of various events, like game nights, theme parties or educational lectures. The Ball Committee organizes a great ball for all FPN students in spring.
Later in the year, two bigger events take place organized by the Travel Committee and Annual Camp Committee. The Travel Committee is responsible for a trip abroad that is open to all students, including non-members. The Annual Camp is a weekend planned for all students in order to bond with each other and have a relaxing weekend away from hectic university life.
Lastly, a few times a year a General Members Assembly takes place. At these assemblies members (active and non-active) of Luna-tik get an update on what the board and committees have been up to, and what the plan is for the rest of the year. The course of the whole year, achievements and failures are discussed. There is also a chance to vote for or against changes proposed by the board. At the last GMA of the year the candidate board presents their plan for the next academic year and is voted for or against by the members.

Rule of freedom
As a Luna-tik member you are free to choose to what degree you would like to be involved in the activities of our association. We can guarantee you no surprising costs, mandatory tasks or hazing in order to become a regular member or active member. Finally, you are always welcome to join us in one of the committees at any point during the academic year.

Become a member?
As it was mentioned in the previous part, you can always join one of the committees anytime you feel is the right time for you. For more information you can drop by Luna-tik desk (B0.636a) or send us an e-mail at Our members are present at the desk during the book sale at the beginning of each period. 
If you are already sure you want to be a member, you can fill in a registration form at the Luna-tik desk and pay a one-time fee for the whole course of you studies (35 euros for bachelor, 10 euros for master). You can either pay with card at the desk during the book sale or transfer money to our bank account when the book sale is closed.