Annual Camp Committee


Hi all,

We’re ANCO, the Annual Camp Committee, in charge of the most awesome weekend a Luna-tik member can go to! The older members know that already, but for the first year members it will be an experience that they’ll be looking forward to in all their years to come.So, the annual camp. Basically, it’s three days away (usually to a cozy group house in Belgium) with fellow members: people you can call your friends or friends you haven’t met yet. What do we do during those three days, you wonder? Well, we enjoy our time being together and away from uni, enhance the in-group feeling, consume some (or many) beers or other (non-)alcoholic snacks, play intense games during a (usually very competitive) traditional competition and, of course, have a LEGENDARY CANTUS.

Every year the camp has a theme, which will be revealed at Luna-tik’s annual cantus. If you cannot wait until then, you could try to bribe us with some alcoholic snacks, but you didn’t hear that from us:) Result not 100% guaranteed.

We are enjoying the process of organizing this for you, an awesome Luna-tik member, already, and can’t wait until we finally leave uni to go to our destination for the weekend!

Save the date: 26th till 28th of April! Yes, we are aware that this is the Kingsday weekend (for all Dutchies), hence our wonderful group picture:)

From left to right we are Larissa, Ymke, Eliyah, Kristel, Caro and Moritz. If you have any ideas, suggestions or compliments, you know who we are!