Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of active members and a number of former board members or members with other relevant experience. The purpose of this council is to assist the board in policy formation and guidance. Once every three or four weeks, the Advisory Council gets together. We then take the minutes of the board to critically look at what has recently happened. Furthermore, we provide feedback to the board regarding past events, but also regarding some crucial problems the board might face in its internal policy and structure. We also visit board meetings from time to time to give feedback and compliments face to face, because we’re not here just to tell them what’s wrong. It’s an opportunity to also review their upcoming plans and give tips depending on the issue at hand based on our previous experiences within a board.

The Advisory Council is an organ that is not aimed at organizing social activities at all, but instead is concerned with organization in a pleasant way! It is important to note that we are independent of the board, so that we can attempt to objectively look at the current state of affairs.

On the Advisory Council are currently (from left to right): Robin, Thijs, Marlot, Marcel and Frieda.